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Image Courtesy: Anna Hugo, 2016

Words Ending on Tape

Despacio, San Jose, Costa Rica.
October 20 - December 17 2016
Curated by Sandino Scheidegger, Chief Curator of Despacio
Associate Curator Anna Hugo

Press Release: 

We’re pleased to revive with the independent art space Despacio an almost lost medium. A decade ago the cassette tape was the most convenient way to record sound material, yet with the fast advancing digital world it is at the verge of being completely forgotten. Nevertheless, artists have continuously used this format to further expand their forms of expression.

Printed Matter, Inc (New York) presents a selection of artists' audio on tape as a Library in Residence. Despacio’s Library in Residence is an ever-evolving selection of artworks, artist books, and unique handmade publications that together not only reimagine ingrained library systems but also examine literature’s role in contemporary art. It is curated by Sandino Scheidegger of Random Institute with the support of Anna Hugo.

The selected audio tapes for Words Ending on Tape include conceptual performance works for voice, improvised 'talk pieces', artists working in the sound/song medium, and sound projects that derive from work on paper, or that are conceived in connection with a companion artists' book. Several works of experimental audio reflect on the physical medium of the cassette itself, building on found sound or field recordings from the natural world that have been auto-tuned, tweaked and layered to create new meaning.

Despacio is an independent art space in San José, Costa Rica and considered one of the main driving forces in the continued development of Central America's artistic voice. The space was founded by the artist Federico Herrero and it’s advisory board is headed by Jens Hoffmann.