Installation View / Image Courtesy: Anna Hugo, 2016


June 1 – July 1, 2018
Canal Street Market, NY
Curated by Anna Hugo and Riley Gallagher 

An exhibition by Debris Projects

Press Release:

Debris Projects presents the piece M.A.Y. IN THE BACKYARD by artist Colleen Herman.

Colleen Herman lives and works as a painter and creative director in New York.

This piece is part of a collection titled “LOVE MY WAY,” which consists of works made in Oaxaca, Mexico during Herman’s residency with pocoapoco in March 2018. Herman’s focus during this residency was to be surrounded by her pieces in her everyday environments. This lead Herman to work within her own domestic space, something that she had not done previously in New York. Debris Projects was excited to hear about her cathedral visits, colourful ribbon picking, and plant based tinctures, to which Herman states “resulted in Hallucinogenic outcomes” on materials such as muslin and handmade Oaxacan paper. Her thick layering of oil pastels spiraled into moments of transparency. Herman’s compositions and color are influenced by music and mobility. “Particular songs she repeated to create a field of sound, and thus movement and form she translated via color and stroke.”

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